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We had a Waterfurnace dealer install 2 units in our home in late 2006.A 4 ton for downstairs and a 3 ton split unit for upstairs.

There was a 5 year warranty on this because the dealer shortened the manufacturers warranty by 5 years and then extended the warranty themselves for 15 years for a total of 20 years with decreasing parts coverage percentage each five years after the 10th year. We paid $24000 for the fully installed units, with a projected payback to us over 6 to 7 years. Just before the 10 year point the blower motor on the 4 ton unit went bad, at 10.5 years the compressor went bad on the 3 ton unit which had been changed so required a full board change with the compressor, a month later the water pump on the 3 ton unit went bad, now just under 11 years the blower went bad on the 3 ton unit. Further, we realized that the dealer was marking up the parts 3x on the warranty work to make certain they were still making 2x on the "discounted" parts in addition to their labor.

When I called Waterfurnace regarding the compressor failure they were unhelpful to say the least - basically saying "Not our problem." Thankfully I have an HVAC guy that does my rentals that was able to help me out and told me how much the parts were at cost. Because of him we have only spent about $3500 to repair all of this non-sense versus the dealers price of twice that - keeping in mind that the parts were supposedly discounted by 35% with the dealer. Regardless, having this much trouble at the 10 year point is ridiculous especially since the units have been meticulously maintained. Just as we began getting our payback on the install we are into repairs equivalent to another years cost savings.

As long as nothing else goes bad we should be OK on payback, but the frustration of having the units go bad at the worst possible times this often is a real headache.

I have 8 rentals with traditional gas or electric units that are twenty plus years old without this trouble.Never again will I recommend or do business with anything WaterFurnace which is too bad because I really like the idea of Geothermal.

Review about: Waterfurnace Compressor.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

Preferred solution: At least pay for the parts that I am out..


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Sounds like your problem was with the dealer not with water furnace.

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