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We had an E Series geothermal system installed in 2007. The system had problems right away with coil leaks, low pressure in the lopes,damper motor problems,zone board problems,etc.

The contractor who installed the system,went right to work......I thought! What really happened was the patching together of the system until the guarantee ran out! Now let me back up a little. I am a building contractor in Del.

Still am, after almost 50 years . I have dealt with all sorts of product failures in my time,and have always made sure that the customer was satisfied to the best of my ability. In most cases, the product manufacturer always stood behind it's product by replacing the bad product at no cost to myself or the customer. Most of the time, the manufacturer, paid for the labor to fix or replace the problem.

Over the years I was told that if we had more problems with our units, they were going to replace the whole thing due to the fact that the units were defective in the beginning and that the problems seemingly could not be fixed. All in all, the lower unit coil has been replaced 3-4 times, motors replaced,wiring harnesses replaced,new thermostates, zone boards replaced, circuit boards inside unit replaced, etc. The upstairs unit coil has been replaced 2 times,plus circuit boards, zone boards,etc. The upstairs unit seems to be working at present time.

This week, the downstairs unit went into em. heat mode again. We contacted the installer and they sent over a tech. By the way we pay a fee each year just so that they will send out a tech.

within a day or so to fix the problem so we don't freeze....ha. Well the tech.came out and decided that yes there was another leek in the coil. He added R-401 to get us heat and left. We're all smiles....yes....no!

With in a week, we have em. heat again...another tech. comes out and changes a circuit board inside unit and says that is the problem and when asked about the leak in the coil he says he couldn't see any. Anyway, the em.

light is off all are happy....for 8 hrs. Called A&A (who by the way,is the installer) told them my problem again and now I am informed that the guarantee has expired! What happens now? I am informed that a new coil installation will cost aprox.$1100.00.

To replace the unit, it will cost $8,800.00 aprox. At the present, I am dumbfounded.....I thought that Waterfurnace stood behind their products faithfully however, I guess not. The only thing that I can say at this time is that in my opinion,Waterfurnace products are not reliable and will cost you much more money than you can possibly save by using ground water heat pumps. BUYER BEWARE Respectfully Richard A.

Hudson 34621 Atlantic Ave.

Ocean View, Del. 19970

Product or Service Mentioned: Waterfurnace Furnace.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $32000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Waterfurnace Cons: High rate of equipment failure.

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