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My Water Furnace Geothermal works well, however in a ten year time frame two compressors have failed and one circuit board among some other parts have also failed. i have other properties with Hydro Delta pumps that have been touble free for 17 years and a Fredrich Geo Thermal that is 32 years old with only a replacement of cut out relay.

Water Furnace is not standing by my latest compressor failure. This compresor is the second one and about 6 years old.

They should pay for the failed compressor that lasted less than the warranty time frame. I get no sympathy from them on this. I contend that this particular unit is a "lemon"

Product or Service Mentioned: Waterfurnace Compressor.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Waterfurnace Pros: How it works.

Waterfurnace Cons: High rate of equipment failure, Breakdowns.

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I agree with your comment about the company not standing behind their warranty. The 10 year "Worry Free Warranty" is a joke.

The credit they give for labor doesn't even cover the time the service provider travels to your house. I just spent $1,200 on a coil replacement that was covered under warranty. In 9 years of ownership I have spent $5,200 repairing both of my units.

This equipment is junk and the warranty is worthless. Any savings on the electric bill went to the repairman!


What unit is it?

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