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I had a geothermal system that was installed in 2001 (not Water Furnace). After 2 compressor failures I was faced with another.

With a system approaching 20 yrs my installer recommended replacing it with a state-of-the-art Water Furnace unit. After researching his recommendation and chewing on the very high price I agreed to purchase a Water Furnace Series 7 Geothermal unit. There was a large premium (2X+) over a basic unit. But the efficiency gains (and associated improved comfort) combined to have me elect the more capable system.

Also, I was told (and available documentation seemed to confirm) that I would have broad control over the operation of the Water Furnace Series 7. It is true the system does have some clear advantages. The unit, even when running flat out, is very quiet. About the same noise level as my 10 yr old refrigerator.

Which was hard to believe until I experienced it. Another nice benefit is that the air coming out of the ducts is actually WARM! The old system felt like it only blew cold air, even though the actual temp registering on the thermostat was at a comfortable level. But unfortunately now a long list of bad things just absolutely spoils the pudding.

I spent extra money to get a Smart Thermostat and to get the Symphony add-on. And guess what? NEITHER OF THEM WORK!!! The Smart Thermostat is supposed to show the effort level of each main component of the system - compressor, fan, water pump, and emergency heating coil.

However all that has ever displayed is information for the compressor and the fan. Multiple conversations with the installer have not produced results. They have stated that everything is hooked up and so their conclusion is that component(s) on the circuit board are not working. They have called Water Furnace multiple times and gone through extensive diagnostics.

At the end the Water Furnace troubleshooter has simply stated "I don't know what is going on..." Really? But the real question is ARE YOU GOING TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT?!?!?!? So far the answer to that question is a resounding NO. BTW, did you know that Water Furnace does not provide any support to the end user?

They do not have any phone number you can call to get any questions answered, and if you use their Web-based Help system (to submit a question) you will never get an answer. How do I know? I spent hours attempting to find a Tech Support phone number and there isn't one. I also have send questions in using their online Web form 45 times over the last 60 days AND HAVE NEVER RECEIVED A RESPONSE!!!

Yes, I have documentation of all those attempts. Water Furnace obviously wants you to only interact with your Installer, But the Installer did not design or build these units. There is only so much an Installer can do. If the problem is a design defect or component failure then that clearly goes back to the manufacturer.

But Water Furnace clearly begs to differ. The Symphony unit is an absolute mess. Imagine having a 2017 laptop that you just took out of the box. And guess what?

In order to get WiFi connectivity you have to go buy a breadbox-sized box that needs power and a connector cable and you have to carry it around to do anything useful. That is what you get with Symphony. They have Rube Goldberged the port on the circuit board that was originally designed to enable the Installer to set up the unit and review diagnostic information (using a portable interface box). You now have to run a cable from that port on the circuit board to a box about the size of a router that has its own WiFi antenna.

Really? Is this 1985? You Water Furnace guys could not come up with something more sophisticated than that? Any 15 yr old could put something together in 15 minutes that is better than this.

The only potential component that should need to be added on is a small antenna on the outside of the box (for the WiFi signal). Period. Everything else should be on the circuit board. Which today would take up so little space it would not even be noticeable.

Now for the fun part. When you plug the router-like box in the first time it offers its own WiFi SSID so you can connect to it and then specify the SSID and password of your home network. There are 3 lights on the outside of the box that (depending on how they are flashing or not flashing) indicate if the unit is "working". When I set that up its indicator lights all quickly went to the state that is supposed to mean: "Everything is working fine - I am now connected to the Symphony Web page where you can see my data!" But guess what?

The Symphony Web page says it is receiving NO INFORMATION FROM THE BOX!!! I have talked to my Installer, who has talked to the Water Furnace troubleshooter.

They have re-initialized the box 8 times and it still does not work. The Water Furnace troubleshooter just says: "I have no idea why that is not working..." Water Furnace: ARE YOU EVER GOING TO FIX ANYTHING OR ARE YOU JUST ENJOYING MY MONEY???

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I Have the same problems, the worst investment I have ever made.


The compressor on my (2004) Synergy3 just went out, first compressor went out in (2011), so second compressor. I guess the compressors have a 7 year life, but this one is not under warranty. The price of installing the compressor is more than purchasing a brand new Geocool 5 ton unit with a life time compressor warranty.The questions what do I do with this Synergy3?


I agree. The unit is very unreliable and a total waste of money.

I guess it is buyer beware! Company has NO customer support or reps.

to troubleshoot. Gone through 2 compressors and out of heat when it is cold.

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