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I have two Water Furnace units in my house. I have had so many problems with both units its unreal.

Ive had multiple boards go bad, both compressors fail, pumps go bad, you name it. The finally swapped an entire unit out because of all the issues. When they work, they work great.

Unfortunately they are extremely unreliable. The savings arent worth the extra upfront cost and the constant headaches when they need repaired.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I am also having Compressor issues with my E series Water Furnace . Now on the third Compressor on a unit started in August of 2006.

Water Furnace Cusromer service is just an excuse factory. They will not stand behind their product. All I want is for them to honor a ten year service life on the cmpressor. Their original warranty was ten year, however a replacement compressor has only a 1 year warranty.

The second compressor failed after 7 years.

The original only lasted 3 years.

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