I have installed a lot of geo furnaces , and have over 28 years in the hvacr service. Now that being said. Our company goes the extra mile to install Geo systems that operate on the mark and I mean from whatever type of loop to duct design to return air , to zoning. Most problems we run into from other geo companies in our area are. undersizing for the square footage. Using zoning and the two speed compressor and the high static blower to amp up and down to keep up with the demand of the entire heated and cooled space. Yes the furnaces have had issues thru the years but have continued to improve the equipment . And have warranted the issues for our customers. They are way far different than standard heating and air systems. We also have blower door test ran on every install to insure that all ductwork has no leakage also we insure the loop system is doing exactly what it calls for. for example - say your house is well insulated built air tight has the best windows and has 6000 sq feet heated and cooled their is noway a 5 ton could ever heat and cool it. Companies use the zone system and I promise it won't work. Undersizing the system and using the zone dampers for controlling different ares of the house so the house doesn't take all the air at once. It can push more air when other zones don't need the air .. and not enough loops for the size of the system. or they went went cheaper and didn't drill enough wells to handle the designed system. Or taking into count where you live and the type of humidity for where you live or how cold it gets in the winter in your area . How many Trees you have shading your home at different times during the day or which way the house faces in the winter months , how many windows are in direct morning sun till around 1 pm in the afternoon. That's just very few things that are over looked. Most companies use the manual j or computerized heat gane and heat loss to calculate sizing of equipment. Which is the proper way for conventional systems. Geo systems are a lot different . some experience and some common sence plays a role when we size equipment

. Blaming the furnace manufacturer isn't the answer. Yes they should screen the dealers better than they do. But the real reason for bad installs are the hvac company who installed it. Rule of thumb to any person choosing a geo heat pump system , is to get a dealer who has been in the hvacr business and geo systems for years ask for customer reviews on installs they have done , ask how many they have installed. Get a blower door test to insure maximum operation to make sure their is no duct loss . and most of all ask about the companies service techs and how much experience in geo systems they have and ask how long they have worked for the company . after all if you have a problem it will be the tech you deal with. And most of all shop it around because you guys are getting ripped off . The amounts you are posting are crazy. If you paid that kind of money for a new top of the line all the bells and whistles geo system that should have been your red flag. I'm serious I'm not calling you *** or anything like that. I'm saying Research can be the keys to a better understanding of why you would choose a geo system over a conventional system. Geo systems are a lot more than a 30 percent tax break or a monthly savings on your light bill. They are custom built designed systems , that I promise will stand the test versus conventional systems if done the proper way

So all this being said not all geo companies are out to take your money. Some of us still are proud of what we do and most of all take pride in our trade and want our customers to get the best experience and craftsmanship that we can give , and that our install and service can be put under a microscope . Thank you and I hope you do your homework before investing your money in your homes. To those who are bashing, bash the company who ripped you off. Then bash your selfs for not getting everything in writing.. And after you at least talk to three or four companies and compare bids and see how far off each other they are . And I promise you if you had done that. everything I've wrote here , you would have seen who was a real company and who was out for the cheapest job and make the most money off of you

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Find it interesting that you believe all of these issues are due to installer matters and not the manufacturer. That makes zero sense to me.

I just found that my 10 year 5 month old E Series 3 ton, that was installed by a contractor that was awarded Waterfurnace's Quality Contractor of the year for Ohio, lost its compressor. I do not believe that all of these complaints are installer related. They are from all over the country and seem to all fail within 9-13 years. Some much earlier.

I may be seeking a class action on this as well if they do nothing about it! This is a quality issue from defective parts sourcing or manufacturing.


I am looking at installing a Geo. system in a new home in S.

E. MN, any reference for installers I have talked to one company so far ComfortByDesign.

You can e. Mail me at aistsbrich@gmail.com


Yea, this advice is all fine and dandy until a few years down the road when you need to contact your dealer or the manufacturer and because they've already gotten your money, you are not a priority. For example, I recently went to adjust my thermostat on a Sunday afternoon and had static electricity built up which I felt when I touched the rubber key pad.

Suddenly, the screen went blank and then came back on, but was messed up. I did a google search, found nothing, and after turning the system off and then back on, decided to call the installer whose name was at the bottom of my invoice to call anytime with any issues. So I did. Well, he didn't answer.

Or to date, returned my call. A few hours after my call to him, I called their "shop" number to see if there was a tech who could tell me if there was a reset button somewhere on the unit or something to fix this now glitchy thermostat. I got the answering service. The guy who called me back a couple of hours later knew nothing about geothermal products, including the thermostats.

This is a much lengthier story, but the bottom line is that over a week later, I'm still trying to get a simple replacement cost from my WF dealer for a new thermostat which had no model number on it anywhere and my paperwork only said "digital thermostat". WaterFurnace wasn't helpful, my dealer, who I originally thought was a great company is blowing me off and I'm more than a bit upset that a little static electricity has ruined my thermostat. I've finally gotten a quote from another dealer, but at over $200 replacement cost, I'm having trouble accepting that the most basic thermostat they sell is over $200 and that is considered nearly "at cost". I'm hoping when/if my installer company ever gets back to me via e-mail or phone with my model number and a replacement cost, it will be much cheaper and worth all the hours I've lost trying to fix this issue.

Bottom line, this is a specialty system which requires specialty parts and specialty service that you can't just go purchase off the shelf at Home Depot or Lowe's when it breaks, including thermostats.

There are many factors that affect your after-sale experience and I guess you have to decide if you are willing to accept the risk that the people or company you bought your system with will still be there months or years down the road when you need them. Or even care anymore since they've gotten the "easy" part of your business.


I Have a WaterFurnace7, like everything before spending $ check the dealer,ask him questions, references, how many unit did he installed on and on.

Stop blaming the manufacturer.


You are absolutely correct most of the time it is the installation. What is the name of your company?

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