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E048 2 stage compressor failure on 1/8/17 at 13.5 years. Unit was pretty reliable until last year when a fan ECM had to be replaced for $550.

Now the compressor. I do not consider this acceptable for purchasing what was the best of the best. My dealer just told me it was not uncommon for these compressors to fail early in life (under warranty) and he was shocked that mine lasted 13.5 years. A new compressor was quoted at $3k, new 5 series at $12.5k and a new 7 series at $16k.

None of this is attractive. To make this worse I was also told that replacing a compressor in this unit may not be a wise decision because there are known coil failures also. A $2000 repair and potentially the fan motor may fail within 2-4 more years. Because of this, the consensus from people in the field is to be to replace the whole unit with a newer model.

What a waste to scrap a 13 y/o unit. Now there's green energy for you! Making it even worse I bought my first WF in 1998 retrofitting my old house. That was a great experience so installed WF in new house.

Up until last week, I have been a huge unofficial salesman for Water Furnace over the years by promoting and advising people to have it installed. I have spent many hours explaining the benefits and helping people make the decision and only to buy Water Furnace. I can no longer do that. Granted the unit lasted past the warranty and from the suppliers point of view I shouldn't complain.

But everyone I tell my furnace is dead they can't believe it and ask what brand it is. If my dealer is correct, the compressor was a known known defect with a shorter life expectancy than average. I would expect some sort of discount for replacement. What makes this problem more complicated is the risk of a coil failure which makes installing a new compressor with a 1 year warranty a potentially poor choice due to the risk of expensive repairs in next 3-5 years.

I feel like I am being forced to buy a new unit based on facts and wise use of money. If the evap coil issue was not a concern.

I would have accepted the failure, replaced compressor and moved on and would not be writing this. Fortunately winter is mild in PA right now so am running on aux heat until I can decide what to do.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waterfurnace Compressor.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Waterfurnace Pros: Energy efficiency.

Waterfurnace Cons: Life expectancy too short.

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As a GEO And Standard AIr To Air Heat Pump, both have the same Problem, and most of the time it's the customers that don't do Annual Maintenance or Don't even clean or change there filter or have the lines flushed on a Open Loop GEO. customers don't read there Service Manual, it's in ever brand name GEO paperwork.


We are having the same problems and our units are 13 years old as well. Even though we've had a mild winter and used less kWh than last year our bills have been at least $100 more per month.

We had one tech come out and said we had a leak in the second floor unit and wanted to charge $1300 to repair the coil.

We declined and had an HVAC friend check it and he saw no leaking freon. Now the first floor unit is a problem and the heated air feels cold. Our units have been switching to aux heat most of the time.


I'm so glad I found this site although it doesn't sound like Water Furnace is willing to stand by their products. Maybe it will take a class action suit!


The Coils are a known defective part. I have had them go out in both my units.

First one lasted 6 years and the second one lasted 9 years.

With the worry free warranty, it only cost me $900 to replace the first one and $1200 to replace the second.

This equipment is a nightmare.


Just learned that our compressor has failed after 10 years on our Series E 3 Ton which heats the upstairs of our house. Am waiting to see what the company that installed it is going to do.

Thankfully we did have an extended warranty from them.

Regardless 10 years is not acceptable for the cost of these things. Just had the fan motor replaced on our 4 ton unit about 6 months ago.


My unit is exactly the same age and was just told I need a new unit also. This sucks

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