I had a WF premier AT furnace installed in 1991. It runs on open loop (well water in and discharge water goes into a pond) and I saved a lot of money every year compared to baseboard heaters.

I don't use it much in ther summer for cooling since I don't mind the heat. Last year, the capacitor on the compressor failed, it was replaced and the furnace worked for one season and this year the compressor finally went dead. I have had good use of it for more than 25 years. The fan worked all this time without a drop of oil and still works good.

There has been no leak at the coil. Looking at the other reviews on this site I relized how lucky I was.

Now I am trying to decide whether to just replace the compressor or get a new unit. Any advice?

Product or Service Mentioned: Waterfurnace Furnace.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Waterfurnace Pros: Very reliable.

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I too just replaced an AT unit from 1991! After two years of research and attending two conventions I decided on a WaterFurnace With the Symphony control package.

The bottom line is this on replacement! Go with the company that holds the warrenty on the Loop!


Same situation... I'm looking at Series 7 with all variable speeds compressor and loop pumps.

But, WF says a Three Ton loop put in 1991 will not meet the demands of a 3 Ton Series Seven. WF recommends a Series 5 unit.

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