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We installed our geothermal system using Water Furnace air handlers

in 2012. The first two years, while we did have to replace some parts,

we realized true savings on the heating and even more on the cooling.

The air quality in our home in the winter is very comfortable. My complaint is the high failure rate of the equipment and the steadily climbing energy usage. Our most recent problem is a failure in communication between the thermostat's (Honeywell) and the systems.

We use the company that installed the units for maintainance and we follow all the recommended guidelines. Now they are recommending new thermostats, made by Water Furnace and they believe that reduce the usage of the electric heat packages. The quote for replacement is $550 per thermostat, NDV064A111CTL. Your recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Waterfurnace Cons: High rate of equipment failure.

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Honeywell thermostats (as opposed to the ones, some made by honeywell some not, sold by Waterfurnace with their brand on them) did not, in our experience handle communication with the Waterfurnace units ever. But most particularly on an air units since they have a reversing valve (from heat to AC).

The price for the new thermostats does sound high - but as a rule I would always only use controls that the manufacturer certifies and brands. There is no advantage to going the other way - and often it's just because a technician doesn't want to use another control.

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