Virginia Beach, Virginia

I happened upon this "complaint" site and am astounded. I installed WF units when home was built 1991 and replaced the main unit in 2013.

The ONLY difference is the new unit does not make as much "free" hot water as did the original. Otherwise, comfort and cost could not have better met my expectations.

Those complaining likely have poor installers. The equipment is outstanding.

Original installation used wrong equip.

for second zone and after that outfit went belly up, WF stepped up and allowed me to buy a replacement at near cost and properly installed, it has never even needed service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waterfurnace 500a11 Heat Pump.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Waterfurnace Pros: Response to my problems.

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Sorry, but WF installed ours so don't blame other people's problems on the installers. AND mechanical problems stem from equipment not the installation. Based on our experience with WF, I'm in agreement with all of the negative comments and experiences.

Scott F


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